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Why the Name Jordan/Sydnor?

Our Commitment

Jordan/Sydnor is committed to maximizing human potential and performance by developing leaders and organizations where everyone can make an impact.

We are Jordan/Sydnor,
A Creative Force for Good
and we believe in you!

The Jordan/Sydnor Philosophy
  • We believe dreaming is the first step to success.

  • We believe in the love of humanity and that everybody should be seen, heard, valued and have an opportunity to be their best and make a difference.

  • We believe you’ve got to humanize data to make it real and to make it work. 

  • We believe a growth mindset is the key to learning and leading. 

  • We believe availability and access to opportunity is the key to progress.

  • We believe that trust is the key to triumph...

We had the immense pleasure of having Robert serve as the keynote speaker at our annual fundraising event this year, and he truly exceeded expectations. Robert’s remarks were not only insightful, but deeply engaging. Robert left the audience inspired and motivated to be a part of the solution in our community.  Robert’s ability to weave his personal story with actionable insights is a highly sought after skill few have mastered, and his energy was contagious. He fostered a shared purpose and goal among our diverse group of attendees, that contributed to the success of our event. His keynote will be remembered for years to come!

~ Jennifer Case, MSW/LCSW,, President & CEO 

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