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Why the Name Jordan/Sydnor?

Our Commitment

Jordan/Sydnor is committed to maximizing human potential and performance by developing leaders and organizations where everyone can make an impact.

We are Jordan/Sydnor,
A Creative Force for Good
and we believe in you!

The Jordan/Sydnor Philosophy
  • We believe dreaming is the first step to success.

  • We believe in the love of humanity and that everybody should be seen, heard, valued and have an opportunity to be their best and make a difference.

  • We believe you’ve got to humanize data to make it real and to make it work. 

  • We believe a growth mindset is the key to learning and leading. 

  • We believe availability and access to opportunity is the key to progress.

  • We believe that trust is the key to triumph...

"It was a good reminder that all things worth doing will be met with resistance and needs to be met with persistence.  Very applicable for a change we are currently rolling out. "~ Markel 

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