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How often do we, as leaders, question our vision, dreams, and path in this leader's journey as we navigate the challenges and seek to summit to new heights filled with opportunity and possibility?


During a personal and professional transition, I was challenged to explore the next chapter of my journey. I questioned my capacity to scale one of the world's tallest mountains. A conversation with an East African woman while on a trip in the American Southwest changed and challenged me to see beyond my limitations of making the trek alone. She called out my doubt and said, "Sir, Your dreams are your dreams." The timeless wisdom of her words ignited a shift in my mindset. From that moment, I committed to embark on a personal leadership journey that led me to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. The journey was filled with adventures within adventures and ranged from self-doubt to eventual self-triumph. My expedition from preparation to summiting taught me many leadership lessons. It illustrated that being a leader is rarely a smooth, linear, or straight path. My experience on Mount Kilimanjaro inspired the creation of this coaching journal. The goal is to support you in summiting your life and leadership mountains.


"Exploration knows no bounds, and neither should your leadership."

~ Matthew Henson, Explorer
& Co-Discoverer of the North Pole


The Adventure

Through 30 days of contemplation, creativity, and curiosity you will choose how you want to engage this leadership journey in supporting your efforts to develop consistent practices that lead to commitments to support your leadership development.
Specifically, this journal...

Is for leaders committed to ascending to new heights of leadership. It's an innovative self-guided coaching journal to support you as you navigate the uncharted territories of your personal and professional leadership development. You are not merely reading but interacting, engaging, and actively participating in your transformation. You’re embarking on a multifaceted adventure that will stretch and strengthen you as a leader.

Is more than just a journal; it's your leadership coaching guide, navigating you through the mazes of leadership challenges and opportunities. This journal recognizes that leadership is not a straight line to success confined to a single dimension.

Is adaptable and meets you where you are as a leader. This leadership journal is about you and your ability to set your pace and choose what works best for you at the time that works for you in the manner that works best for you. Also, the 30 days ensure a steady, consistent exploration of your leadership abilities, fostering a disciplined mindset that transcends into your professional and personal practices.  


The Journey




30 Days of Contemplation:

Each day begins with a promise of deeper contemplation by offering you space to spend time with diverse and transformational leaders and reflect upon their wisdom and insights, whose voices will challenge you to think about your leadership journey.



30 Questions that Encourage Leadership Exploration:

The questions are intended to create a pause for you to ask the questions you need to ask to grow as a leader. 



30 Adventures that Foster Creativity and Curiosity:
The myriad activities and reflections woven into your 30-day adventure foster an environment where your creativity and curiosity are welcomed and actively nurtured.



30 Commitments:

After engaging in this 30-day process, you will have 30 enduring commitments to take with you and build on for the future. By committing to this 30-day journey, you will be inspired, grow, and gain new perspectives that will impact you for days and years to come. 

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